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Create online workshop for your audience within app. 

Easy way to build your workshop, train your followers  and earn money. 

App for conducting workshops for your followers

It is a simple app for conducting workshops online. The easy and fastest app that help you monetize

your knowledge and learn your client's new things.

Communication within ann app and during conducting a workshop is the same as in Instagram,

TikTok and Snapchat.

Designed for coaches, experts and lecturers to monetize knowledge in a new and convenient way.

3 step process workshop model


Convey the knowledge for the class needed to complete a task.
Lessons are short videos explainnig a problem and giving insgihts for preparing solution.


After each lecture participants receive task to do.
They have limited time to create a short video with the solution. This task is later evaluated by the coach and classmates.


Evaluate with mentor and group - class participatns rate each others solution.
Mentor gives individual feedback by recording a short video to each participant.

How it works ?

Start a new workshop

Set up a plan on what topic you would like to teach your class.

Set price.

Set time needed to complete the workshop, record lessons and tasks to do for your trainees.

Publish on your social media and collect people.

Once you collect the required number of people,
start a workshop.

Manage your workshops

App dashboard presents your current workshops and future once.

On the present bookmark, you can see how many task responses have been received.

The bookmark "future" shows how many people have signed up to take part in the new one!

Communication during the workshop

The task will be done when each participant share solution within a class by recording a short video.

Then trainee will receive individual feedback and recommendations.

Communication during a workshop is well known from Instagram Tiktok and Snapchat.

Your students app view

Active participation of your students include following things :

Doing task for each lesson

Share solution to the class and mentor

Rate others responses by giving stars

Business Model

The payment system is included. Your workshop has a price that each participant pay you.

After the workshop is done, the payment is transfered to your account.

Experience a smarter way to conduct workshops online

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